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Teri Rowland

I’m a professional writer and editor who has worked with CPA’s, lawyers, insurance specialists and financial advisers in a battle for clear and understandable communication. I’m also a writing teacher who knows the power of clarity to persuade and influence. I like things clear. I know they’re often not.

So, I started WordJax Communications because I saw a little piece of the world where clarification could have a huge impact. I knew that financial advisers had a lot to gain by improving their online and print content because people have a hard time trusting what they don’t understand, and lots of people don’t understand the investment world.

I also knew that advisers who were willing to use written communications to make things clear could transform their businesses by helping apprehensive shoppers become informed decision makers.

The idea for WordJax came to me when three pieces of an idea came together in a set, like in the classic game of Jacks. For me, these were the “threesies”.

“People have a hard time trusting what they don’t understand, and lots of people don’t understand the investment world.”

The first piece was my apprehension about finding a personal financial adviser– an uneasiness born out of a perfect mixture of fear, ignorance and bad experience. I knew I was not alone in my unease.

The second piece is a better piece. It came in a writing job with a financial adviser who was passionate about using marketing communications to build his business. He taught me about compliance, and I wrote compliant copy. But it was compelling copy. It was copy that helped build his business because it was copy that informed and engaged his audience. As I wrote, I learned about the investing world, and my apprehension about finding an investment adviser disappeared. I told my friends.

The final piece in this set is what I do. I am a writer. I use words to connect people with ideas–to make things clear. My WordJax service connects financial advisers with their clients and prospects so they can build their client base–word-by-compliant-word.

I have been using words to connect people for a long time. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Magazine Journalism and am a former editor, credentialed teacher, writing instructor, and Hubspot Certified E-mail Marketer.

I live in Auburn, California with my husband, Randy, and a very old Golden Retriever. We have two married children and a grandson named Jax

WordJax Communications provides ghostwriting, copywriting and copyediting services for businesses and financial services.

Teri Rowland

Teri Rowland
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