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Teri Rowland


Use Communications to Build Your Client Base

Communication builds. It builds trust. It builds relationships. And it builds businesses. That’s because honest, straightforward communication connects people. Your clients and prospects get to see your value. You get to build their confidence in your commitment to them. When you communicate well, your business grows.

Print and online communications are an essential tool in your business-building arsenal. If they’re not supporting your business, you’re not fully communicating your value.

WordJax Communications is a copywriting, copyediting and ghostwriting service that helps you build client relationships through clear and honest communications.


Make Yourself Clear

Clarity slays complexity. It’s king of effective communication. That’s because clarity lets you be heard.

Busy people won’t work hard to understand what you mean. Even if you have a great message, if you’re not clear, you won’t engage your readers. Clear, concise communication allows you to:

1. Be heard in a world with lots of loud voices
2. Refine your message, so it resonates with your client base
3. Establish yourself as an expert in your field
4. Develop strong, trust-based client relationships

My job as a copywriter is to help you deliver a straightforward, engaging message so you can be heard.


Make it Simple

You can’t communicate with people unless you speak their language. Using industry-specific jargon, ambiguous language and complicated details is like speaking a foreign language. Acronyms, codes and insider terminology may sound impressive but if people don’t understand you, they won’t hear your message.

Simplicity of expression does not simplify ideas. It communicates them. Cutting through complicated jargon and simplifying complex concepts bridges the gap between your expertise and your clients’ needs, allowing you to:

1. Provide understandable solutions to common problems
2. Answer recurring questions
3. Explain options
4. Build confidence

People aren’t comfortable with what they don’t understand. I provide business and financial writing to help you connect with your client base in a language they can understand.




Need Clear Copywriting?

WordJax is a copywriting service created to help businesses and financial services optimize marketing communications.  By uncomplicating the complicated, I can help you deliver a straightforward message that not only engages your clients and prospects but builds their trust.

Whether you need to tweak existing web content to make it work better, get help writing a blog or e-newsletter, or create copy for a website or landing page, you get high-quality content to help push your business to the next level.

WordJax services include:

⦁ Customized messaging for websites, landing pages, brochures, press releases, and B2B and B2C communications
⦁ SEO optimized online content
⦁ Ghostwriting for blogs, e-newsletters or e-books
⦁ Copyediting to make existing content work better

If you need something that’s not listed here, ask me about it.


Rates vary depending on project scope, but they start at $200 for a professional bio, $300 for a website section (homepages are more), $350 for a 1000-1200 word blog, (short, higher frequency blogs start at $150). Rates for articles and reports depend on the scope of the project and research required. They are quoted individually. Content editing/development prices are $100 per page.

What you get:

  • Customized high-quality copy
  • Copy that is ready for compliance review
  • Unlimited tweaks and adjustments within the agreed project scope
  • Ready to use copy
  • SEO optimized Web copy
  • Customized blogs and e-newsletters


The Process

⦁ We have an initial phone meeting to determine your needs and goals.
⦁ We have a “Message Meeting” where I ask questions and listen well to determine your voice, your message and your objectives. This can be done in person, via an online conference or by phone.
⦁ You receive your first draft of the completed project by a pre-determined date.
⦁ You let me know of any changes you’d like to make. There is no limit on pre-published changes as long as they are within the scope of the original project objective. If you decide you want to go a different direction with your content, you will be charged accordingly.
⦁ I prepare your copy for compliance review.
⦁ If any changes or adjustments are needed after the compliance review, I will make them without charge.
⦁ Your final copy is provided to you.

“As an investment company, we are looking for ways to communicate our ideas and value in a clear and straightforward manner. Teri Rowland was able to understand our business and write clear and compelling articles for our website and email marketing campaigns. The value we offer for prospective clients is not always easy to communicate. Teri was able to take these ideas, absorb them and communicate them in a clear and compelling way. At times, Teri surprised me with the clarity of her words and the direct way she communicated our value. Her work was much appreciated around here.”

Marshall Goins

Financial Advisor, Clarion Advisors

“Teri did an excellent job of expressing in words my passion for what I do. She’s helped simplify our message and make it more clear to our audience.”.

Niles Geary

Co-Founder & CEO, Voyage Partners Financial Strategies, LLC

“Teri’s editing and writing skills have helped me take my information, condense it and create concise, understandable marketing material. She’s made a significant impact on our ability to connect with our customers.”

Debra Doupnik

Owner, Stone House Mount Vernon

“I value working with Teri because she takes the time to understand what I’m trying to convey. Teri has a natural gift for helping her clients express themselves in a clear concise manner. Teri is not only talented, she’s diligent and professional. She truly cares about each and every client and it shows.”

Marguerita Cheng, CFP, RICP

CEO, Blue Ocean Global Wealth

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WordJax Communications provides ghostwriting, copywriting and copyediting services for businesses and financial services.

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